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Covert Spoiler For Guilt Free Eggs?

Covert Spoiler For Guilt Free Eggs?
Covert Spoiler For Guilt Free Eggs?
I make it a point of following Dr. Michael Greger and admire his thoroughness. As he repeatedly and whimsically says: ‘…until we put it to the test’!
Really circumspect about prejudice against egg yolks. Personally am product of what many describe as Ancel Keys con job of the 70s. When fats were sacrificed in favor of sugars!
Reason why for years tried to limit egg yolks! Then a period this last decade of searching for organic, range free eggs and abandoning concerns.
Personally argued Cholesterol association to yolks as merely a marker. Some truth to this, but now a little more circumspect!
We may have come full circle, but mainly driven for another reason!
In the last decade we have begun to realize how important our microbiome really is!
These trillions of bacteria, that outnumber our cells 10 to 1, in terms of DNA contribution! As general premise: the choline of meat, milk, cheese and eggs is basis for Trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO)
which is not good for a number reasons, including directly affecting our Arteries.
Hence Heart disease, Strokes from now a different frontier!

But also now concerned about association of Cancer and Eggs specifically. According to Dr. Greger there does appears a connection:

indirectly for Women respecting Breast Cancer, and more directly as being associated within the gut itself, for rectal cancer.

But for men there is that potential prostate cancer! Now a gradual realization of that association seems overwhelming.

This throws a different light, and not a pleasant one, on that specific connection to eggs.

After criticizing Dr Keys for his bias, and that whole disturbing period of misinformation and over decades:

Here we are full circle but for an entirely different reason! It looks as if we adopt a general health bias against dairy, include milk cheese and eggs, then perhaps a sound trend for health!
I may well be advocating an approach to non dairy as a general policy!
But exceptions here and there, as otherwise the whole thing becomes unmanageable!
But a real plus if we trend to be largely non dairy. Could be that our regulation of our gut microbiome will then produce a microbiota that essentially does not support TMAO at all! That’s now seems a fantastica plus!