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How to Protein Count

How to Protein Count
Great Vail lecture February last year by Dr. Ron Rosedale, who in my opinion was light-years ahead, several decades ago, when he advocated no...

Protein Counting Important

protein counting
I intend to concentrate on; Protein Counting Important. After listening to the February lecture in Vail by Dr. Ron Rosedale as to his experience and...

Secret Good Bad Ketosis Unbelievable!

Good Bad Ketosis
Lecture given by Dr. Ron Rosedale at Vail February 2016, discusses Good Bad Ketosis.  Further, respecting not only aging, but brain health. Fundamentally relating to our...

Substitute Humus!

Substitute Humus!
A common misconception is that our forebears were hunters wielding their primitive clubs, and slaying the plethora of animal life around them. Indeed they...

Vitamin C & Heart Health!

Vitamin C & Heart Health!
Vitamin C, is the classic historic example of serious consequence vitamin importance. Believe that way back growing momentum of traditional Handel song impact: 'Rule Britannia',...

Conquer Alzheimer’s Susceptibility Gene!

We may have to Conquer Alzheimer's Susceptibility Gene (ApoE4)...if inherited from one of our parents...risk factor of becoming a victim of 3 times... but a shocking...

About Robert Gardner

Robert Gardner
Robert... decades of multi skilled experience!..education England... originally...fortuitously biological, evolutionary, botanical...'read' medicine Cambridge...switched from anatomy to law! Then 'Wigs'...England & Wales, courts...Canada. Passion...Health...Motivation? 'Medically' doomed and...

Baked Halibut & Olive Sauce

Baked Halibut with Wine/Olive Sauce
Baked Halibut & Olive Sauce, is favourite at Middle Beach,Tofino. The Olives in a Caper, Lemon, Shallot and Wine sauce is a sell out! Its sweet...
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