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Protect Health AND Survive Bonus Three Decades?

Protect Health AND Survive Bonus Three Decades?
Protect Health AND Survive Bonus Three Decades?
“‘Unpopular’ Victims ‘Orthorexia Nervosa’ Essential, Not Senseless!”s locked

Trying to follow EVERY possible health modality daily can be extremely exhausting.  Inevitably one becomes disheartened if too absorbed. It’s a fine balance.

I am often encouraged to shorthand a version of my own health and longevity routine. Will try, but just the titles of the modalities. Read up and refer to articles on this blog for precautions and safety!
Start on the daily clock at sleep time:
Maintain a routine sleep schedule. Bed and Rise daily constant, including weekends! Otherwise, onset that negative jetlag syndrome. Optimum and natural sleep cycle. Maybe that seven to nine hour window. BUT the real key is deep and effective glial gland drainage.
Exercise! I go to the gym early, balance HIIT to HIST. No aimless cardio, it is a waste of time!
Sauna for target 20 minutes daily! That Cold Shower thereafter equals Cryotherapy. Heat Shock Proteins followed by Cold Shock Proteins!
Intermittent Fasting continual but varying total time. Obviates some risks, and maximizes Cellular Impact long term.
For Real Longevity, Fasting regularly for five days! But one must be meticulous on time schedule and precautions. This gives the extra decades and this the magic!

Thereafter as now unfortunate indoor creatures, offset disasters of office work, and constant sitting!

Stand up and move regularly, use lunch to also walk briskly and get sunshine. Ten minutes on the body, arms and legs! Tend to keep face protected.
Primarily vegetarian fibre foods, with organic meats! Avoid the white stuff! Sugars, White Bread. Shun Processed Foods! Protein Count!
Optimize by supplements vitamin D and K2. Also Magnesium. B12 if complete vegetarian! Walk after the evening meal to prevent glycemic index spike, also remember Apple Cider vinegar!
When walking I now and then even use Hypoxia, learnt from Ari Whitten! Breath holding for some 25 or 30 paces for a stress and hormesis effect.
Use Photomodulation regularly, Thanks Dr. Hamblin! Remarkable Infrared Photomodulation Genius Is Brilliant!
Grounding important! And easier said than done Stress is a killer! I have way too much!
Good friends and family cherish, otherwise move on; this also my historical Achilles heel! To my mind, on reflection, your ‘inner gut’ will tell you if you are making a mistake!
There is a balance between working at it and terminating the task! Loyalty is perhaps a British trait that is vulnerable in North America!

More tricks to Protect Health AND Survive Bonus Three Decades?…for another day!